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Dallas Home Watch provides the service of discreetly checking your home while you are away. The homeowner can designate visits once a week or more. We will work together toward a solution should property issues arise.

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Tina Lawson, who managed the corporate offices of HCB Contractors from the mid- '80s to early '90s and later worked on the situation desk at Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Co., began an executive limousine business in 2001.

But after listening to some of her clients' comments, she decided to take her services a step further.

"Tina had been driving us to the airport and my husband mentioned that the prior house manager had quit unexpectedly and without notice," said client T.G.M.

"Tina asked to be considered for the job. Now, I can't imagine where we would be without her."

In 2003, Lawson's company evolved to encompass home management services.

Lawson manages several multimillion dollar homes in the Metroplex for clients who often have multiple homes across the nation and rely on Lawson to "hold down the fort" while they are out of town.

In 2022, Ms. Lawson rebranded her company from STS (suburban transportation services) to Dallas Home Watch to better reflect the services her company provides.

Clients are regular accounts that contract with Dallas Home Watch on a monthly or annual basis. While clients are out of town, they are kept abreast of all household issues.

"Dallas Home Watch will keep you informed about your home while you are away." Lawson said.

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Tina Lawson (DHW) receives accreditation from the NHWA.
Tina Lawson
Photo of Tina Lawson
Owner of Dallas Home Watch
"I treat all properties the way I would like a person to manage my own home," Lawson says.

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