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Dallas Home Watch Services

Home Watch Services are professional services that offer regular inspections and monitoring of a home, typically for homeowners who are away for extended periods of time. The purpose of these services is to ensure the safety, security, and maintenance of the property while the homeowners are away. Home Watch Services typically include a range of services, including regular inspections of the home and property, checking for signs of damage or wear and tear, ensuring that all doors and windows are secure, and checking for signs of pests or other issues that could affect the safety and security of the property. In addition, many Home Watch Services also offer additional services such as mail pickup, plant watering, and other tasks that may be necessary while the homeowner is away. Overall, the goal of Home Watch Services is to provide homeowners with peace of mind, knowing that their property is being monitored and cared for in their absence.

Dallas Home Watch offers a customizable checklist of services designed to cover the important aspects of a client's home. We also offer flexibility in scheduling and home evaluations to meet the needs of our clients.

If a problem is uncovered during a home evaluation, Dallas Home Watch will immediately notify the client to discuss options to address the concern. We will work with the client to resolve the issue and help locate qualified tradespeople to assist the homeowner. The client can instruct Dallas Home Watch on how they would like to proceed.

Dallas Home Watch also adds security to the client's vacant home by creating the illusion of occupancy. We remove junk mail, flyers, and other debris from the yard to deter potential criminals from targeting the home. We may also roll trash cans to the curb on trash day to give the illusion of being home.

Overall, Dallas Home Watch strives to provide our clients with peace of mind through frequent communication and customizable services. We are fully insured and bonded, which provides an extra layer of protection for their clients.

What Does A Home Watch Service Do?

A Home Watch Professional will inpect the interior and exterior of your home. Below are a few photos taken during a Home Watch Inspection.

Security Alarms

We make sure your alarm system is operational. Dallas Home Watch will turn on the alarm and secure all entries when leaving. You can list us as an emergency contact with your alarm company and we will respond to alarms while you are out of town and unable to meet with the police.
home watcher checking security alarm
home watcher running water faucet

Water Faucets

Ignoring leaky faucets can be highly detrimental to the house's structural integrity, depending on the location of the leak.

We check all water faucets to ensure the water is not dripping once it is turned off. We perform a visual inspection of the pipes under your sinks and will alert you of any problems and if necessary, meet with your plumber for repairs. During freezing weather, we can go by your house and drip the faucets.

Water Filtration Devices

Property owners should periodically test sensors with water to ensure proper placement, power supply and communication with the WaterCop valve. We can check your WaterCop System to verify it is on and replace the batteries if necessary.

If you do not currently have a WaterCop System, Dallas Home Watch offers Key Holder Services which enables us to meet with technicians for installations.

water filter inspection
toilet flushing near tub

Toilets & Tubs

Toilets can collect bacteria, which can cause stains. We flush all of the toilets to make sure they are working and to rinse the bowl of any stains.

When we flush a toilet, we do not leave the bathroom until the water is completely finished running water into the tank and the flapper is sealed. We turn the water on and off in the tubs and check the surrounding areas for water leaks.


We check to see if your refrigerator is running by opening the door to see if the light comes on. If you want us to, we can clean out expired food from your refrigerator.

Our Concierge Services can pick up your grocery and beverage store orders, deliver and stock your refrigerator and pantry prior to your arrival with a 48 hour notice. (Monday deliveries would need to be requested on the prior Friday.)

homewatcher inspecting refrigerator
homewatcher inspecting bar sink

Water Leaks

Our Home Watch Checklist includes inspecting under sinks looking for leaks and mold caused by water damage. We will alert you immediately if we find any problems.

Read more about water leaks and view images of the damages a water leak can have on your home.

Media Equipment

Your media closet may include compenents to sound systems, television systems, lighting systems or internet/cable systems. We can look inside your media closet and reset any components.

Key Holder Services enables us to meet with your media equipment company to set up new services or install new equipment.

homewatcher inspecting media equipment
homewatcher troubleshooting internet router


Because your security system may depend on your internet connection, we make sure your router is working properly and can reboot the router when necessary.

Did your internet company tell you that an individual age 18 or older must wait for them to show up within a four hour window but you don't have time for that? Key Holder Services enables us to meet with your cable / internet company to set up new service or install new equipment.

Air Filters

Dallas Home Watch will check your air filters and replace them when necessary. Just let us know where your new filters are, and we can replace them while on site. We write the date on the air filters using a black Sharpie so that you will always know the date of the last time the filter was changed.

If you are out of air filters, Dallas Home Watch can pick them up at your local Home Depot or receive your order from Amazon.

homewatcher replacing air filters in attic
homewatcher checking breaker box

Breaker Boxes

We know how important it is not to lose electricity to your household appliances while you are away. We check your breaker box to see if any breakers have tripped, and if so, we will reset them.

A/C Units

We will perform a visual inspection of your A/C units to ensure no condensation leaks are in the drip pan. (We only enter the attic if it is easily accessible and has been floored for safety.)
homewatcher inspecting air conditioner in  attic
homewatcher inspecting the washing machine

Washing Machines

We will check your washing machine to ensure there is no water leaking and no unusual odors coming from the machine.

Dallas Home Watch provides Key Holder Services so that we can meet with your applicance company for new delivery and installations or repairs and maintenance to your equipment.

Garage Door Openers

Dallas Home Watch will make sure that your garage door openers are working and can replace batteries to wireless keypads and remote controllers when needed. We also have experience programming a variety of garage door remotes and handheld or in-car remotes.

Read why we check your garage door openers.

Homewatcher inpecting garage doors and openers
swimming pools and fountains

Pools & Fountains

We check the pool and fountains around your home and make a note if the pumps were running while we were there. We check for algae growth or debris in and around the pool or fountain. We will make a note of the water level of the pool and include it in your Home Watch Check report.

Securing Doors

We check all door entries to make sure every one of them is securely locked.

If for any reason you need your house re-keyed, we can provide you with the contact information of our priority vendor and meet with them during the process of re-keying your home.

When you hire Dallas Home Watch, you can rest assured that all entries to your home are checked and secured.

water filter inspection
trash cans in garage

Trash Cans

Leaving trash cans at the curb past your trash pickup day is a sign of an absentee owner. If you left your trash and recycle bins out at the curb when you left town, we will bring them up to the house and place in the garage so that neighbors do not notice you are not home. We also occasionally pull the trash cans to the curb and back up to the house the next day to give the appearance that someone is home.

Back Gates

Dallas Home Watch Professionals walk the entire property and make sure that every gate or rear entry is secure. We encourage all clients to have locks on all outside entrances to prevent theft and vandalism.
trash cans in garage
home watch checklist

Home Watch Checklist

These are only a few of the things Dallas Home Watch checks in your home while you are away. To see a complete list of items we look for during a Home Watch inspection see our Home Watch Checklist .

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