Key Holder Services

Dallas Key Holder Services

When you own a large home there are a lot of things you need to manage. Dallas Home Watch can hold your keys and be your authorized on-site dedicated person to meet with vendors and contractors while you are away, to keep your home operating efficiently.

Dallas Home Watch can help you and your family get access back into your home when you have lost your keys. Do not risk the security of your home by leaving keys under a doormat or flowerpot. Leave your keys with Dallas Home Watch, your trusted key holder.

Below is a list of the many reasons you may want to use Dallas Home Watch as your dedicated Key Holder.

  • Wine Deliveries
  • Art Deliveries
  • Furniture Deliveries
  • Cable / Internet Installers
  • Maid Service
  • Handyman Services
  • Contractor / Vendor Services
  • Utility Company Appointments

What is a Key Holder Service?

Keyholding is a service where someone holds the keys to your premises and ensures the home is secure from any hassle when you are not there. If there is an out-of-hours intrusion or in case an alarm goes off, the keyholders are the ones who first respond for you.
house keys

Why Would I Need a Key Holder Service?

Meeting Vendors & Contract Workers

Your time is incredibly valuable and finding time to meet vendors at your home is nearly impossible. That is where you can rely on Dallas Home Watch Key Holder Service. We can be there to meet delivery companies, tradespeople, or repairmen.

You do not want deliveries, like wine, gifts, or furniture left outside to be damaged by weather or become a target for thieves. We will bring them safely indoors. If deliveries need to be brought in and unpacked, assembled, or put in a specific place, we are there to greet them and supervise the process.

For our contracted Home Watch clients, you do not need to wait for the four-hour window. We will assure that we are there to meet repairmen and supervise the work through completion.

That goes for services like landscaping, pool maintenance, and housekeeping, too. We will be there when they are, acting on your behalf. And when the work is done, we will see that your property is secure.

Removed Dormers From Roof

Our Key Holder service will allow you to get Home Projects done while you are away. We meet with contractors, oversee the work, document the process with photos and supervise clean up after completion. Need a home project done on your Dallas home? Give us a call 972-982-7050.

These photos were taken during a Key Holder Service that lasted 3 days. We met with the roofers and stayed until the job was complete.


house with four car garage with dormers on the roof


house keys


Read more about the benefits of hiring keyholder service.

Emergency Services

Emergencies can happen when you are away from your home. You need someone you trust, who is bonded and insured, to respond in a timely fashion. Dallas Home Watch is that service. With over 20-years-experience in the North Texas area, we know how to handle virtually any situation with calm professionalism.

Although we are not an alarm company, we can be a first responder when you are away, working with the alarm company, police and fire departments, or other emergency entities on your behalf. We will contact you immediately and stay in contact with you until the situation is resolved.

If necessary, we can handle the aftermath of property invasions or fire, dealing with repairs and cleanup so you return home worry-free. We can check your home after large storms if requested, and once it is safe to do so. We will do a Home Watch visit and notify you of any issues.

Ready To Hire A Key Holder?