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Gate Operator Repair

A Broken Gate Is A Security Risk

Residential gate repair is an essential service that ensures the security and safety of your home. Gates are the first line of defense against intruders, and they also protect your property from unauthorized access. Over time, gates can deteriorate due to wear and tear, causing them to malfunction or break down. When this happens, it's important to call in the experts to assess the problem and make the necessary repairs.

Importance of Residential Gate Repair

Residential gate repair is critical for maintaining the security and functionality of your gate. Gates can malfunction for many reasons, including wear and tear, weather damage, or vandalism. If your gate is not functioning correctly, it can compromise the safety of your property and your family.

A malfunctioning gate can also be a liability issue. If someone is injured on your property due to a malfunctioning gate, you could be held responsible. To avoid this, it's essential to ensure that your gate is always in good working condition.

Residential gate repair is also crucial for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your property. A damaged or malfunctioning gate can be an eyesore and detract from the beauty of your home. By repairing your gate, you can restore its original appearance and increase the curb appeal of your property.

Real-Life Example of Residential Gate Repair

Recently, while conducting a Home Watch Inspection, we noticed that the back gate of a property was open about six feet, giving access to the backyard from anyone walking down the alley. We immediately recognized the security risk this posed to the homeowner and called a local gate company for assistance.

examining old gate operator
Found Gate Left Open
chain from gate laying on the ground
Removed Chain From Opener

Within 30 minutes, a gate technician arrived at the property to assess the situation. After examining the gate and the opener, he discovered that one of the wheels on the bottom of the gate had deteriorated so much that it was not rolling. This deterioration caused the operator's belt to stop functioning.

Upon further inspection, the technician learned that the operator was three years past its 10-year warranty and recommended that replacing the old opener with a new one was the most cost-effective solution. He also noted that the wheels on the bottom of the gate needed to be updated to allow the gate to roll when the button was pressed to open the gate.

We took a video of the gate technician explaining the problem and his recommendation to fix it, which we sent to the homeowner. The homeowner approved the purchase and installation of a new gate operator and new wheels for the bottom of the gate.

Since parts needed to be ordered, we removed the chain off of the gate and manually closed the gate to secure the property. A few days later, two men from the gate company returned to the property and installed the new wheels on the gate and the new Liftmaster gate opener. The gate was then tested and proved to work like new.


new wheels for gate
New Opener Wheels for Gate
welding gate onto wheel
Welding New Wheel Onto Gate


man manually pushing big gate
Man manually pushing big Gate testing Wheel
welding gate
Man on Fence Welding Gate


welding gate
Man on Ladder Welding Gate
welding gate
Two Men on Gate Welding


swapping out gate opener
Swapping out Gate Opener

The homeowner was very pleased to have their gate working again, and Dallas Home Watch was glad to have helped them ensure the safety and security of their property.

swapping out gate opener


Residential gate repair is essential for maintaining the safety and security of your property. If your gate is not functioning correctly, it can compromise the safety of your family and your property. By calling in the experts to assess the problem and make the necessary repairs, you can ensure that your gate is always in good working condition.

In the example we shared, the gate technician identified the problem and recommended a cost-effective solution to replace the old gate operator and update the wheels. The repair was completed promptly, and the homeowner was pleased to have their gate working like new.

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Video of Gate Operator Repair

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