tree damage after storm in Texas

Tree Damage After Storms in Texas

How Texas Storms Can Cause Major Tree Damage

Texas Tornado season runs April through June of each year. If you leave your Dallas home unoccupied during this time, you may want to hire Dallas Home Watch to keep an eye on your property.

Texas is prone to severe storms that can seriously harm trees, houses, and other buildings. Homeowners should take proactive steps to safeguard their property and be ready for the likelihood of catastrophic weather disasters. This includes performing routine upkeep on trees and other landscaping elements, such as pruning branches and taking of dead trees. But even with precautions, extreme weather events can harm people's homes and possessions. This is why having your property inspected after heavy storms in Texas by a home watch company like Dallas Home Watch is crucial.

broken tree limbs
Tree Limbs Blocking Driveway
dallas tree damage
Tree Limbs On Path To House

Texas Prepares For Storms and Tornados

Residents in Texas must be ready for the likelihood of severe weather conditions like thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes because the state is recognized for its catastrophic weather patterns. These storms can have devastating repercussions, including power outages, flooding, and property damage. The harm that severe storms may do to trees is one of their most important effects.

Strong winds, copious amounts of rain, and lightning strikes during severe storms in Texas can harm trees and make the environment dangerous for people and property. Trees can be uprooted, their limbs and branches can be severed, and whole trees can collapse or split in half. Damaged trees can also impede highways, adding to the risk of falling trees and branches.


trees down dallas
Trees on Driveway
trees in street dallas
Broken Tree Limb in Street


Texas Storms are Deadly

According to the National Weather Service, the EF-3 tornado that occurred on October 20, 2019, was one of the worst storms to impact the Dallas area when multiple tornadoes that struck parts of Texas, caused significant damage and unfortunately resulted in several fatalities. The area's homes and businesses sustained substantial damage from this tornado. Homes and other buildings were damaged as a result of trees being uprooted, having limbs severed, and even breaking in half.

Texas suffers from violent storms that do more than just harm trees. High winds and heavy rain both have the potential to damage roofs and cause water leaks in attics and other parts of the house. Homeowners might not be aware of the full extent of the damage until it is too late because these kinds of problems can be challenging to identify.


texas storm damages trees
Trees On Path To House
trees at dallas home
Broken Tree Limbs In Front Lawn


Home Watch Can Help After A Storm

This is where a home watch service like Dallas Home Watch might be useful. These businesses specialize in assessing houses following extreme weather to find any damage and notify the homeowner. For homeowners who are unable to be at their property during the storm or who are gone from it for a lengthy period of time, this is especially crucial.

Dallas Home Watch is a business that offers residents in the Dallas, Texas, area thorough home watch services. They offer post-storm inspections to find any damage brought on by severe weather, such as tree damage and attic water leaks.


texas trees down after storm
Broken Trees On Side Of House
tree broken limbs
Broken Trees in Backyard


Part of being a Dallas Home Watch client, means that professionals will come to your property to thoroughly evaluate it following a storm. They'll be on the lookout for any indications of exterior home damage, including broken windows, damaged gutters and missing shingles from your roof after damage from falling branches and trees. They will also look for indications of water damage inside your house, such as leaks in the attic.

Dallas Home Watch will inform the homeowner of any damage discovered and offer advice on how to resolve the problem. For example, you can hire a tree service to cut down any damaged trees or branches, or you might hire a roofing specialist to fix any roof damage. When you can't physically be on site after a heavy storm, Dallas Home Watch can be there for you to meet with contractors that need access to your real estate property to remove broken limbs or make repairs to your home. You can have more peace of mind knowing that even though you are miles away from your damaged property, you've got "boots on the ground" being your eyes and ears and reporting to you on the situation of your assets in Dallas.


tree damage dallas house
Broken Trees On Path
trees after storm
Broken Trees On Side Of House


Dallas Home Watch is a business that offers residents in the Dallas, Texas, area thorough home watch services. They offer post-storm inspections to find any damage brought on by severe weather, such as tree damage and attic water leaks.

Video of Texas Storm Tree Damage

Dallas Home Watch took video of the Storm Damage and sent to the homeowner so that the situation could be assessed and arrangements could be made to haul off the broken tree limbs and clean up the debris.

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