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Vehicle Care


Dallas Home Watch offers vehicle care. We define vehicle care as a visual inspection of your stored vehicles looking for obvious issues including low tires. We also verify that your trickle charger / battery maintainer shows a full battery. We are not auto mechanics. We can start your car and check for flat tires. If your car needs additional care, we can meet with your mechanic or car dealship for at home or pickup service.

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Car Batteries

We will check your car chargers to make sure they are working and reset them if necessary.
Bentley Battery
Mercedes Tire

Auto Service

We will keep an eye on the vehicles you have in your garage and inform you if any tires are low on air. If you select to have your dealership come to your home, we can be there to greet them and stay while they service your car or sign off for them to take your car to their location.

Garage Door Entries

Dallas Home Watch will check your external wireless keypad to ensure it is working and also verify the outside motion sensor lighting around your garage works.
inspector checking the garage door wireless keypad

Why Would I Need Vehicle Care While Out Of Town?

Unless you are taking all your vehicles on a road trip, overseas vacation or to the coast for the summer, you are probably leaving one or more cars in the garage. Left for weeks or months, tires, batteries, and finishes (especially if not in a garage) will deteriorate. Your expensive investments deserve attention.

Dallas Home Watch will provide routine maintenance for your cars while you are away. We will drive them as often as you specify, watching for any indication that maintenance or repairs are needed.

We will take cars to your preferred service department to have oil changes; tire rotations, alignments, or changes; washes and detailing; fueling; battery checks; yearly inspections, and electric car charging.

If a serious problem arises, we will alert you immediately and follow your instructions on any service needed.

When you return home, your car will be at its best and ready to go.

Ready To Hire Vehicle Care?